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What is microblading?

When it comes to the face and makeup application, eyebrows can make or break your look! So what exactly is microblading? Well, it’s a way to enhance your brows, an esthetician uses a microblade tool to apply color pigments that look like real hairs! The color effect will fade over time, so touch-ups may be necessary to maintain the desired look. Microblading is said to offer natural-looking and defined eyebrows, but the process typically takes some time to perfect. The initial procedure may take up to a couple of hours, and the eyebrows will appear darker immediately after the initial treatment. It is possible that the color will fade after a few weeks and a touch-up may be needed.

What to be aware of

All cosmetic procedures, including microblading and permanent makeup tattooing, have possible risks associated with them.

Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the risks of microblading before undergoing a procedure.

Do the research

One of the most important things to think about when considering microblading is the salon that will be carrying out the procedure. The person doing the microblading should be a licensed esthetician who has undergone the appropriate training.

Because microblading regulations can vary from state to state, anyone who is considering having the procedure needs to take precautions.

In general, highly skilled and licensed estheticians at high-quality salons and spas offer microblading, but a person considering microblading should check out each esthetician’s credentials before going ahead with the procedure.

Both organizations are also good starting points for locating licensed and skilled technicians and estheticians.

Allergic reaction

While allergic reactions to organic pigments used for the procedure are rare, it can happen. It is, therefore, important to ask the esthetician what types of pigment they are using and how they confirm allergies.


Since microblading breaks the skin, there is a serious risk for transmission of infectious diseases, including HIV and bacterial skin infections.

Unsterile tools and other equipment are among the leading risks for transmitting infection. It is essential that all equipment is sterilized before the procedure has even started to avoid any infectious complications.


Microblading cannot be easily covered up if it is done incorrectly. If this occurs, a person will likely endure additional costs to manage complications and correct the procedure. The best way to ensure the procedure is done correctly is by vetting the esthetician and the establishment where a person is considering getting the microblading done.

Microblading’s recent popularity has spawned microshading and microfeathering, two techniques that give you a different brow look depending on your preferences. The Sparknotes? Microblading will give you natural, fluffy-looking brows even if you have none to speak of, microfeathering builds on what you’ve already got, and microshading will give you a semipermanent powdered look.

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