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Latest Updates on Hurricane Idalia’s Impact and Forecast for Florida

Anticipated Weather Changes and Preparations for Southeast Florida as Hurricane Idalia Approaches

Tracking Hurricane Idalia's Impact

Anticipated Weather Changes and Preparations for Southeast Florida as Hurricane Idalia Approaches

The forecast for Hurricane Idalia’s impact on Florida remains relatively stable, with potential gusty winds and heavy rains expected to affect Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast. The storm, which rapidly intensified into a hurricane overnight, is set to bring varying degrees of impact across the region.

Meteorological Outlook:
Meteorologists from the National Weather Service in Miami have provided insights into the expected progression of Hurricane Idalia. Tropical-storm-force winds are projected to reach Collier County from late Tuesday morning into the afternoon. The southeastern coast and Atlantic waters could experience wind gusts of up to 35 mph from Idalia’s outer bands, extending into Wednesday. A slight westward shift in the storm’s track has led to reduced confidence in the forecast for winds and rainfall in Palm Beach County.

Impacts on Southeast Florida:
Despite the uncertainty, there remains a possibility of rainfall and squally storms affecting southeast Florida through Wednesday, with potential lingering effects into Thursday. While the risk of tornadoes exists, it primarily concerns areas near Lake Okeechobee and the Treasure Coast, in the far western reaches of Palm Beach County.



The National Hurricane Center Monitors and Provides Forecasts for Hurricane📸NOAA.

Hurricane Statistics:
As per the National Hurricane Center’s 11 a.m. advisory, Hurricane Idalia boasts sustained winds of 85 mph, extending hurricane-force winds up to 15 miles from its center and tropical storm-force winds up to 160 miles outward. The storm, located about 120 miles west of the Dry Tortugas, is moving north at a speed of 14 mph.

Preparation and Safety Measures:
For comprehensive guidance on preparing for the hurricane season, refer to our 2023 Hurricane Prep Guide. The combination of a full moon and heavy rainfall could result in flooding, particularly during high tides, across vulnerable areas of southeast Florida.

Secondary Impact:
Meanwhile, Hurricane Franklin, located far east of Florida, has recorded sustained winds of 130 mph. Although direct impacts on Florida are not expected, the state should be cautious of heavy surf and a heightened risk of rip currents throughout the week due to Franklin’s movement north-northeast at 9 mph.

Idalia’s Intensification and Forecast:
Hurricane Idalia is undergoing further strengthening, with maximum sustained winds increasing to 80 mph within the last three hours. The pressure has dropped to 977 mb, indicating ongoing intensification. In response, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency in 46 counties, encompassing the northern portion of the state from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Coast.

Weather Caution:
Amid the hurricane’s developments, the National Weather Service highlights the importance of staying aware of heat-related issues. High temperatures are expected to reach the low 90s, with heat indices (or “feels like” temperatures) ranging from 105 to 110.

Stay informed with the latest updates as Hurricane Idalia approaches, and ensure you are well-prepared for potential impacts on your area.