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Buc-ee’s Potential Arrival on the Treasure Coast: A Pre-Application Proposal Unveiled


FORT PIERCE, Fla. — The prospect of a Buc-ee’s establishment gracing the Treasure Coast has taken a step forward with a recently submitted site plan to St. Lucie County.

This proposed project occupies a 33-acre parcel located off Interstate 95 in Fort Pierce, southeast of Indrio Road. The director of St. Lucie County’s Planning and Development Services, Benjamin Balcer, shared with WPTV that a pre-application proposal for a “travel center/fueling station” was discussed in late July.

While the initial request did not explicitly mention Buc-ee’s, the scale of the venture and the “Buc-ee’s – Fort Pierce, FL” inscription on the concept plan strongly suggest the intention. Balcer confirmed that representatives alluded to the possibility of it being a Buc-ee’s.

This preliminary stage is characterized by a pre-application proposal, which implies that Buc-ee’s must formally apply before becoming a reality. At that point, the county, along with its Planning and Development Services, will analyze the merits and drawbacks of the project.

“Our evaluation encompasses traffic impacts, stormwater considerations, and any potential adverse effects that can be addressed through thoughtful site design. The aim is to enhance the user experience and that was the focus of our discussions with the representatives during the pre-application meeting,” explained Balcer.

Anticipation around the potential introduction of a Buc-ee’s in Fort Pierce has certainly ignited enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, not all are thrilled about the prospect.

Local gas stations have expressed concerns that their businesses may struggle to compete with the sizable gas station chain. They worry that privately-owned gas stations could experience a significant decline of up to 60% in business, potentially jeopardizing employment.

Balcer projected that it could take approximately six to nine more months before Buc-ee’s officially submits a comprehensive proposal. As a result, the iconic bucktoothed beaver might not grace the highway with its presence in the near future.

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