Learn Different Poker Online Indonesia Game!

Certainly, the most popular game of poker in the entire world is the Texas Hold’Em. Almost everybody knows to play this game very well but leaves other different games of poker aside. But, other games will offer you so much excitement, fun, and challenges, thus it is totally worth to check them out. Here, I have covered the most popular Texas Holdem options, so get ready and learn various poker games & try them out now!

Omaha Poker

Omaha is a second popular Poker online indonesia game that you will find on the internet. It is very much similar to the Texas Hold’em about the overall gameplay as well as has the same hand rankings. But, in place of getting 2 hole cards, every person gets four, and there’re additional 5 community cards that are dealt face up at the table.


The entire flow of hand in Omaha is quite identical to the Texas Hold’em. Every player gets his poker cards, there is the preflop betting round, and flop, turn & river are dealt.

Omaha Hi-Lo

There is the popular variation of the Omaha that is named as Omaha Hi-Lo. Here, at an end of every hand, the pot gets divided into 2 equal parts at the showdown. First, one will be won by the best hand in a traditional ranking system. The second part is Lo & goes to the player with the worst possible holding, which doesn’t include the pair, straight or flushes, or card above 8. Ace counts as high or low card, thus it will participate in Lo combinations also.

7 Card Stud

There’re many stud poker games out there, but none of them is so popular than 7 cards stud poker. It is the oldest type of poker game. Seven Card Stud is quite different from the Texas Hold’em, and many players want time to totally get used to this game. First, the game is played without any community cards whatsoever – and everybody has got its own. The players are also dealt in the following way: every player gets 2 cards to face down and 1 is face up.

Razz Poker

Razz is the different poker game online that has got its own fan. It is again a part of the stud group since there are not any community cards. But, the entire flow of this game, type and number of cards dealt, and betting rounds are quite similar to the Seven Card Stud.